Recruitment Tips
Recruitment Tips

Now more than ever, P.A.D. members have the unique opportunity to rise to the occasion and positively influence their communities. The Phi Alpha Delta’s Executive Office is here to help. The following tips help chapters capitalize on the virtual space, to recruit new members, and continue momentum through virtual chapter operations.

Show your P.A.D. pride! Send us your pictures, links, and any recruitment-related efforts for us to share with the P.A.D. network. If you need help with brainstorming any recruitment-related efforts, email Pre-Law Operations Coordinator Liz Dunlap at or click here to submit them to our COVID-19 Suggestion Box.

One of the most effective things that members can do is hold virtual informational sessions and disseminate P.A.D. promotional/informational materials. Here a few resources and tips to help you do this.

Talk to each other and don’t hesitate to reach out to local P.A.D. chapters to cross-promote each other’s virtual events and/or even team up on any recruitment efforts. You may be able to utilize another chapter’s resources to enhance your recruitment. This can include content/events provided by local pre-law, law, and/or alumni chapters.

If you need a chapter membership roster or, list of contact information for officers of chapters that you would like to work with, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Office.

If your chapter does not already have a dedicated recruitment chair or committee, consider establishing one. This can be done any time. With a dedicated team, you can have them focus on establishing methods to launch a creative and successful campaign to attract members to join your chapter.

Focus a single/series of webinars for all campus students to attend. Schedule these in advance and post links from your webinars across your chapter’s social media platforms. Some topics can include:

  • Prominent P.A.D. members and their careers
  • Testimonials from your chapter members about their time in P.A.D.
  • Presentations on past chapter events you’ve held that have been successful (to give them an idea of the programming they can expect to benefit from as new members.)
  • General informational sessions during your chapter’s recruitment period

If you need assistance with technical setup/access please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Executive Office!


This is the space where you can make recruitment your own. While you’re marketing towards potential P.A.D. members you can create branded content unique to your chapter. As a chapter, you are encouraged to use Phi Alpha Delta’s official crest, seal, Greek letters, and imagery to brand your chapter. You can download those images by clicking here.

Check out this recruitment example that utilizes social media and chapter branding from University of California-Berkeley Pre-Law Chapter by clicking here.

ENGAGEMENT:Follow and engage with your school’s social media accounts, including the main school account, the admissions office, the SGA, etc. Engaging with them and tagging them increases your chapter’s visibility to the larger student base.

INSTAGRAM:If your chapter uses Instagram, make a “Call to Action” button and display it prominently on your chapter’s page and stories posts (i.e. – “Join Today”). To utilize this feature, you’ll need to have an Instagram Business Account, or change your standard account to a business one.

Have your “Call to Action” button lead back to the national Join P.A.D page on the P.A.D. website. Make sure to use relevant hashtags such as #PhiAlphaDelta and #PADPride to promote your recruitment efforts.

If your chapter doesn’t already have a website, we encourage you to establish one. This helps potential members not only visualize what your chapter is all about, but to also more easily identify and contact you.

Your chapter can look into creating a simple Wordpress or Squarespace landing page with a contact form for interested members to request more information. Some great chapter website examples are:

  1. Ohio State University Pre-Law Chapter
  2. Tulane University Pre-Law Chapter
  3. Dooley Chapter

While we do publish issues of P.A.D.’s quarterly magazine The Reporter, you can try your hand at creating your own chapter-specific newsletter to update your current chapter membership while providing content for potential members; this recruitment tool gives them a better idea of the benefits of joining P.A.D.

  • GMAIL: Your chapter can establish a P.A.D. Gmail account and use this to put together some fun and creative email blasts to send out to chapter membership/potential members.
  • MICROSOFT WORD/PAGES: If you have access to applications such as Microsoft Word or Pages you can use their newsletter templates to craft your own chapter-specific one and send out to your membership.
  • CANVA: is a great marketing tool to help craft professional-looking graphics that you can use for your chapter newsletter, social media recruitment campaign, and more! And want to know one of the best things about Canva? You can set up an account with them for FREE.

While social distancing, you can still find space to mention the benefits and value of joining Phi Alpha Delta to potential members. Ask permission to speak at the beginning or end of class to encourage members to join. When possible, keep detailed notes on who attends your classes and reach out to them.

What better way to show your purple and gold pride than by showing off your chapter’s P.A.D. swag?

  • P.A.D. PHOTOSHOOT CAMPAIGN: You can garner new member interest by promoting current discounts that P.A.D. offers on the P.A.D. Online Store. For example, your chapter members can have a photoshoot/selfie station to display your graduation regalia from the comfort of your own home. Have members submit photos to you and share them on your chapter website, social media, newsletter, etc.
  • DESIGN CONTEST: Get your membership and potential members engaged by hosting a P.A.D. merchandise design contest. Students can submit ideas for future chapter-specific P.A.D. merch and the winning design can also be featured on your online platforms. If you are in need of a vendor to work with on any custom-designs, please click here for information about officially licensed P.A.D. vendors.

If you have a Marketing or Recruitment Chairperson have them put their skills to use and post any PSA’s or bulletins about your chapter through online platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Blackboard or TWEN
  • Campus forums for SGA or any Student Org Council
  • Send out a PSA on your chapter to publications such as the National Jurist about Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International
  • Advertise your chapter in your school’s newspaper
  • Does your chapter have a mailing list? If you have a pre-law society or department on campus you can send out targeted emails to those students. Additionally, try working with school faculty to have them send out targeted messaging for recruitment on your behalf.

As an organization that prides itself on providing service to the community, we encourage chapters to consider how you can help communities in need. Consider a mask making drive and have your members make and donate masks, or host a local food drive for shelters in need (while still observing national, state, and local COVID-19 placed restrictions).

These service events show likeminded prospective students that your chapter provides service to the community, and will attract them to join P.A.D. These events can be publicized on your media outlets.

Web applications such as or can be utilized to host a virtual career or student organization fair. If your school has already taken steps to organize a virtual one, make sure to arrive prepared to put your best professional foot forward.

For tips to prepare for a virtual career fair, look no further than this article put together by University of Colorado – Boulder.

As with any recruitment event, a virtual career fair, informational session, or webinar, events will only be successful with promotion. You’re probably already familiar with the Recruitment Tips Guide but you may be wondering, “What do we do now, with everything moving online?”

  1. The biggest difference between virtual event promotion and in-person events is the scale – but you can still recruit with similar tactics you would use for an in-person event.
    Connect with campus career centers and list your events on their student-facing job platform or newsletter; partner with relevant student organizations like a fellow pre-law society and ask them to send out information on your event to their members; contact the Executive Office to connect with local alumni and members to invite them to attend your virtual event. You can even work across the aisle with each other! (For example: pre-law and law chapters working together locally to promote and tag team on recruitment efforts.)
  2. Make recruitment work for your chapter to increase your membership while returning the favor promoting member benefits and discounts:
    • LSAT/Bar Review Discount
    • Insurance Discounts
    • Law Application fee waiver (for prelaws)
    • Prominent P.A.D.s
    • Events such as P.A.D. Day at the Supreme Court, Biennial Convention, Law Mock Trial, Pre-Law Conference & Mock Trial, Leadership Summit, and District Conferences
  3. Stay organized!
    • You can better track your chapter membership and recruitment data using free online apps such as Chapter Builder.
    • Ask your school’s administration for lists of incoming students.
  4. Don’t make members wait to join. Remember it’s never too early or late to start recruiting. Activate recruitment NOW to prepare ahead of fall semester. It’s best to establish a plan to prepare for a tiered scenario approach. For example, how will you handle recruitment for each of the following scenarios?
    • We will be solely online operational.
    • We will be partially online and partially at school.
    • Operating while having social distancing guidelines.
    • There is a chance schools will be back, but what is the new “norm”?
Our Mission

Phi Alpha Delta is the world’s preeminent law fraternity because of our dedication to service: service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.

It is through devotion to the ideals of Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, and Innovation that we better both our profession and our community. Through accepting our differences we become not just a law fraternity, but a family.