Holding Virtual Events
Holding Virtual Events

We encourage P.A.D. chapters to continue to hold events and initiation ceremonies virtually. Always follow school and authorities’ guidelines for cancelling or postponing in-person student organization activities.

Holding events will keep your chapters connected. Consider scheduling regular check-ins with members, like a simple email or social media message. Consistent communication can go a long way in keeping your chapter members engaged!

If your chapter had in-person events scheduled that are now cancelled, consider how those events could be moved online. For example, if your chapter had a speaker scheduled to come speak to your chapter, see if that person can still speak to the chapter virtually.

Set your virtual meetings up for success!

  • Make sure you have the correct contact information of your members. If you need a chapter roster email membership@pad.org
  • If you are the host consider using one of P.A.D.’s zoom wallpapers (or if you create your own let us know!)
  • Send fun reminders that boost excitement.
  • Be patient! Members may show up a few minutes late. Make sure the host shows up early and have an icebreaker planned or music playing.
  • Thanks those that took the time to attend and participate.
  • Assign someone to record meeting minutes.
  • Follow Up. Ask attendees about their experience and what they might like discussed next time you meet.

One of Phi Alpha Delta’s core values is service, and during this crisis, a lot of people will need help. As a chapter, consider choosing some local organizations that can benefit from your help (virtually or in safe small groups).

Connect with P.A.D. social media to see what other chapters are doing and to get the latest news and resources from the P.A.D. Executive Office. Please contact the Executive Office if you need assistance choosing a virtual platform or setting up an event.

Help us grow our list! Send us your pictures, links, and event details for us to share with the P.A.D. network. If you have a great event idea not listed here, email Deputy Director Emily Baranoski at emily@pad.org or click here to submit them to our COVID-19 Suggestion Box.

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  • Conduct your initiation ceremony virtually through a conference call or video conference.
    • Book of the Ritual: Pre-Law or Law
    • Take a screenshot to share with the P.A.D. network.
    • Set your background:
      • Use one of P.A.D.'s Zoom wallpapers or, if you create your own, let us know.
      • Reference the Book of the Ritual to set up candles or a banner if available.
  • Create a new leadership role for a member to serve as your chapter's social media ambassador or influencer. You might already have a public relations chair. Their duties can include creating and sharing attractive social media posts and reminding members about upcoming virtual events. This role should work closely with the rest of your Executive Board officers.
  • Contact your school to find out if they plan on holding a virtual recruitment or involvement fair. If they’re not, offer your services to help create one for to serve all the student orgnaixations on your campus.
  • Virtually check in with potential new members to find out how they’re feeling, For example, create a poll with responses such as “I’m Fantastic!”, “I’m Alright”, “I’m Not Doing So Good”, “I Need Help”. Follow up with members who may not be feeling great.
  • Send some snail mail. Send invitations to join to any student that has shown an interest in Phi Alpha Delta.
  • Share memories of past events on social media so potential new members know what to expect once in person events are safe to resume. Ask your seniors to participate and share their favorite memories.
  • Host a recruitment skills video conference. Practice answering FAQs about membership, explaining the membership process and benefits, rehearse talking points, roleplay asking members to join, Use the responses to create a sample script.
  • Take this time to review your chapters website and social media presence. Create a website if you don’t already have one. Make a post to your social media pages if its been awhile. Send any new or updated links to the Executive Office at info@pad.org

  • Designated chapter video chat time. Schedule a weekly “officer hours” or “happy hour” or “café time” phone call or video chat. Many organizations suggest video chats are a good way to stay connected to peers during this period of social distancing. Set up an open chapter chat time – sort of like an open forum – to encourage communication between members.
  • Online book club. While this can be a legal-themed book, it doesn’t have to be!
  • Start a chapter newsletter to keep everyone connected. Share information from members, advice, official information from your schools, or even birthday messages to those celebrating birthdays during this time.
  • Watch parties or online movie club. Again, this can be legal themed, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Attend an online event as a chapter. Many in-person events have been moved to virtual platforms. Choose and “attend” an event together! Example: many museums are offering virtual tours of their exhibits.
  • Go live while creating arts & crafts with Phi Alpha Delta's Greek letters or colors.
    • Examples: Banners, T-shirts and apparel, hair bows or headbands, painted coolers, decorated cookies, serving tray, gavel, shadow box displaying pins or graduation regalia, (just please no paddles!)
  • Participate in an online yoga or workout class as a group. Host a chapter fitness challenge.

  • Encourage students to join the Society of Scholars then honor members during your next virtual meeting.
  • Ask graduating members to share their best study tips and share during a “graduate send off” party.
  • Enlist a professor or faculty member to give a virtual talk or webinar to your chapter members about a specific class.
  • Develop a weekly online “study hall” group for your chapter.
  • Offer tutoring or an academic help program where members can ask for help with specific classes.
  • If you don’t already have one, set up an online outline bank.

  • Create a mask making initiative and donate masks to those in need.
  • Pick up trash during your neighborhood walks and post before and after pictures.
  • Host a storytime for children. Create a video of reading books that promote positivity.
  • Organize a grocery shopping and delivery service for those in need.
  • Make a donation on behalf of your chapter to a local charity (Examples: food bank, local emergency funds, etc.).
  • Volunteer virtually to programs like Meals on Wheels Telephone Reassurance Program.
  • Coordinate to donate blood as a chapter.
  • Organize virtual or safe in-person wellness checks on the elderly or shut-in friends, neighbors, and P.A.D. members.
  • Volunteer for the American Bar Association’s Free Legal Answers Program (https://www.abafreelegalanswers.org/).
Our Mission

Phi Alpha Delta is the world’s preeminent law fraternity because of our dedication to service: service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community.

It is through devotion to the ideals of Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, and Innovation that we better both our profession and our community. Through accepting our differences we become not just a law fraternity, but a family.