Charter Suspension and Revocation



Sec. 10.3 of the Fraternity Policy Manual

A. Suspension or Revocation

The International Executive Board or International Chapter may for good cause suspend any pre-law, law school or alumni chapter charter of this Fraternity and such power of suspension shall not be delegated. Grounds for suspension or revocation of a chapter charter shall include any failure to render necessary reports or to liquidate indebtedness due the Fraternity; willful disregard or violation of the By-Laws of the Fraternity; failure or inability of a chapter to operate in accordance with essential principles of democracy and respect for human rights; any action of a chapter or its members tending to discredit the Fraternity.
The International Executive Office (IEO) shall investigate matters brought to its attention concerning any alleged violation(s) of Fraternity policy or the Fraternity’s By-Laws. At the IEO’s discretion, a report and recommendation for action to be taken shall be prepared and submitted to the IEB for review. Within a reasonable period of time after receiving such report, the IEB shall consider the facts and circumstances of the alleged violation(s), as well as the recommendation of the IEO, and shall determine what action, if any, shall be taken.


Upon a finding of good cause relating to any alleged violation in the following

categories, the following suspensions may be imposed at the sole discretion  of the IEB:


Offenses within two calendar years:



Suspension of a Chapter charter shall preclude a Chapter from conducting programs, electing officers, recruiting new members, using or displaying the Phi Alpha Delta name and trademarks, holding itself out as an active part of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, conducting business of any kind and such other activities as determined by the IEB. Upon the suspension of a law school or Pre-Law Chapter charter, a notice shall be forwarded to the Chapter’s affiliated educational institution advising it that the Chapter’s charter has been suspended. No later than five (5) business days following receipt of notice from the IEO or IEB that a Chapter’s charter has been suspended, the Chapter shall remit all Chapter materials, regalia, funds and other items maintained by the Chapter to the International Executive Office to be held in trust until the suspension is lifted.

B. Revocation of Charter

A chapter charter may be revoked by:
  1. Two-thirds majority vote of the International Executive Board; or
  2. Majority of the ballots cast by delegates present and voting in Convention