2018 Pre-Law Award Winners


Phi Alpha Delta Chapters and Officers are recognized annually for their outstanding fraternity achievements and performance, and for the impact they make locally and nationally. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law individual, chapter, and Mock Trial Competition Awards!


The Don Hutson Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter Award

1st         Florida International University

2nd        Florida State University

3rd        University of Florida


The John F. Weitkamp Outstanding New Pre-Law Chapter Award

1st         Clemson University

2nd        University of Illinois Chicago


The Frank McCown Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter President Award

1st         Dane Pennerman, Florida International University


The Fredrick J. Weitkamp Outstanding Pre-Law Secretary Award

1st         Jacob Nixon, American Public University System


Outstanding Pre-Law Faculty Award

1st         Anthony Bastone, University of Colorado - Boulder


The Outstanding Pre-Law Communication Award

1st         University of Pittsburgh


The Outstanding Pre-Law Community Service Program Award

1st         "Dance Marathon" - University of Florida


The Outstanding Pre-Law Professional Program Award

1st        "Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Forum" - University of Central Florida


The Outstanding Recruitment Program Award

1st         “New Member Retreat” - University of Florida


The Top Recruitment Award

1st         University of Florida - 136 new members

2nd        University of California, Berkeley - 113 new members

3rd        University of Maryland College Park - 112 new members

4th        Florida State University - 110 new members

5th             University of Central Florida - 107 new members

6th             Florida International University - 93 new members

Pre-Law Mock Trial Competition Winners

1st – University of Florida, Team A

2ndUniversity of Florida, Team B

3rd – Texas Tech, Team A

4thTexas Tech, Team B


Outstanding Advocate- Elizabeth Bishop, University of Florida

Outstanding Witness - Jorge Ponce, Texas Tech

Top 10 Ranked Teams:

1. University of Florida - A
2. University of Florida - B
3. Texas Tech University - A
4. Texas Tech University - B
5. Florida International University - B
6. Concord University
7. Florida International University - A
8. American Public University System
9. University of Central Florida

10. Temple University
11. St. Edwards University



Click Here to View Pre-Law Chapter Award Applications

All applications must be submitted via email to the P.A.D. Pre-Law Department at prelaw@pad.org by the first Monday in June each year. 

Applications are reviewed and processed by the International Executive Office and International Executive Board and are announced annually each November during the annual P.A.D. Pre-Law Conference.