2018 Law & Alumni Award Winners


Phi Alpha Delta Chapters and Officers are recognized annually for their outstanding fraternity achievements and performance, and for the impact they make locally and nationally. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Phi Alpha Delta Law & Alumni individual and chapter Awards!

The Stan Jones Outstanding District Justice Award
1st: Nicole Grida, District XV


Outstanding District
1st            District XV

Finalists: District XVII, XXXIII


Most Improved District
1st            District XVI

Finalists: District XIV, District XIX


The Stanley H. Kohn Outstanding Law Chapter Award

1st          Myra Bradwell Chapter

2nd         John Mercer Langston Chapter

3rd          Edward D. White Chapter


The Most Improved Law Chapter Award

1st          Edward D. White Chapter

2nd         David C. Meck Chapter

3rd          John Doyle Carmody Chapter


The Alex Hotchkiss Outstanding Law School Chapter Justice Award

1st          Matthew Wallace, John Doyle Carmody Chapter

2nd         Nicholas Algero, Edward D. White Chapter

3rd          Samantha Koempel, Myra Bradwell Chapter


The Paul Meier Outstanding Vice Justice Award

1st          Chris Guelzow, Edward D. White Chapter

2nd         Jordan Barnett, William Mitchell Chapter

3rd          Danielle Ragofsky, William Penn Chapter


The Frank E. Gray Outstanding Clerk Award

1st          Michelle Meloche, John L. Sullivan Chapter

2nd         Shelby Schexnaydre, Edward D. White Chapter

3rd          Jasmin Quiggle, Rosalie Wahl Chapter


The Dalphine MacMillan Outstanding Treasurer Award

1st          Mary Olorunsogo, John Mercer Langston Chapter

2nd         Taylor O'Toole, William Penn Chapter

3rd          Emilee Crowther, John Marshall Harlan Chapter


The Jack Miller Outstanding Marshal Award

1st          Joshua Hughes, Robert H. Watson, Jr. Chapter

2nd         Ashi Colina, Joseph Story Chapter

3rd          Erick M. Salazar, Myra Bradwell Chapter


The Outstanding Academic Program Award

1st          “Mock Trial Education Program”, Frank Rowe Kenison Chapter

2nd         “Mindfulness/Stress Management with Dr. Lora Sloan”, Guy C. Corliss Chapter

3rd          “Upper Level Writing and Research Workshop”, Myra Bradwell Chapter



The Outstanding Alumni Networking Program Award

1st          “Barry P.A.D. Downtown Alumni Mixer”, Myra Bradwell Chapter

2nd         “Alumni Cocktail Party at Dean Cox's Home”, William Hansel Fish Chapter

3rd          “Phi Alpha Delta Annual Master's Weekend Golf Outing”, William Penn Chapter


The Outstanding Community Service Program Award

1st          “Wills for Warriors”, Robert H. Watson Jr. Chapter

2nd         “Charity Trivia Night,” John L. Sullivan Chapter

3rd          “Feed the Hood”, John Mercer Langston Chapter


The Outstanding Professional Program Award

1st          “Email Etiquette in the Legal Profession”, Fletcher Chapter

2nd         “Courthouse Observations”, Myra Bradwell Chapter

3rd          “Sell Yourself in 60 Seconds”, Guy C. Corliss Chapter


The Outstanding Social Program Award

1st          “Throw Down for Your College Town”, William Hansel Fish Chapter

2nd         “P.A.D. Bowling League”, Frederick L. Hoffman Chapter

3rd          “Phi Alpha Delta / Delta Theta Phi Mixer”, L.Q.C. Lamar Chapter


In recognition of achieving Meet or Beat:


Robert H. Watson, Jr. Chapter, 37 new members (old record: 31)

Edward D. White Chapter, 66 new members (old record: 62)

William G. Terrell Chapter, 59 new members (old record: 59)


Initiated Over 100 Members: Champ Clark Chapter, 101 members; Joseph Story Chapter, 109 members


Top Recruitment Among Law Chapters: Joseph Story Chapter, 109 members


Greatest P.A.D. Member/Student Body Ratio: Mary Vashti Burr Chapter (70%)

The Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award

1st          Knoxville Alumni Chapter

2nd         Chicago Alumni Chapter

3rd          Central Oklahoma Alumni Chapter


The Most Improved Alumni Chapter Award

1st          Triangle Area Alumni Chapter

2nd         Orlando Alumni Chapter

3rd          New York City Alumni Chapter


The George Fink Outstanding Alumni Chapter Justice Award

1st          Holly Christian, Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd         Jaclyn Blumenfeld, Orlando Alumni Chapter

3rd          Samantha Arrington Sliney, Triangle Area Alumni Chapter


The Charles Henderson Outstanding Alumni Chapter Vice Justice Award

1st          Genevieve Niemann, Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd         Angela Duhon, Arizona Statewide Alumni Chapter

3rd          Emily Long, Knoxville Alumni Chapter


The William “Robbie” Robertson Outstanding Alumni Chapter Clerk Award

1st          Jessica Zaiken Sienkewicz, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

2nd         Shannon Holland, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

3rd          Catherine Stockslager, Chicago Alumni Chapter


The Rex G. Hardy Outstanding Alumni Chapter Treasurer Award

1st          Holly Sanchez Perry, Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd         John Weaver, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

3rd          Mark Prewett, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter


The Enid William Ross Outstanding Alumni Chapter Marshal Award

1st          Edwin A. Anderson, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

2nd         Vanessa Braga, Orlando Alumni Chapter

3rd          Kevin Ejma, Chicago Alumni Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Community Service Program Award

1st          “Ricanstruction”, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

2nd         “Giving Back to Our Firefighters”, Triangle Area Alumni Chapter

3rd          “P.A.D. Pad Party”, Seattle Alumni Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Professional Program Award

1st          “Integrity Award”, Niagara Frontier Alumni Chapter

2nd         “St. PADdy’s Day Luncheon”, Chicago Alumni Chapter

3rd          “Barry Law Pre-Law Day”, Orlando Alumni Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Social Program Award

1st          “Lake Murray Trip”, Central Oklahoma Alumni Chapter

2nd         “Whiskey Tasting and Tour at Knox Whiskey Works”, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

3rd         “Alumni Chapter Monthly Happy Hour”, Seattle Alumni Chapter


Merit Award Recipients:

Alden Chapter

Benton Chapter

Blume Chapter

Bradwell Chapter

Brewer Chapter

Burger Chapter

Burr Chapter

Carmody Chapter

Casey Chapter

Chase Chapter

C. Clark Chapter

Corliss Chapter

Dooley Chapter

Fish Chapter

Fletcher Chapter

Goldwater Chapter

Hammond Chapter

Homburger Chapter

Hull Chapter

Keener Chapter

J. Sullivan Chapter

LaFollette Chapter

Langston Chapter

Lawson Chapter

Madison Chapter

Magruder Chapter

McCormick Chapter

McKellar Chapter

Mitchell Chapter

Penn Chapter

Pinckney Chapter

Read Chapter

Terrell Chapter

Vaught Chapter

Watson Jr. Chapter

White Chapter





Arizona Statewide Alumni Knoxville Alumni Niagara Frontier Alumni Central Oklahoma Alumni Chicago Alumni
Robert E. Redding Alumni Seattle Alumni Boston Alumni Minnesota Statewide Alumni


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All applications must be submitted via email to Director of Law & Alumni Operations, Emily Baranoski at emily@pad.org by the first Monday in June each year. 

Applications are reviewed and processed by the International Executive Office and International Executive Board and are announced annually each summer.