District XIX Leadership Conference for Law Chapters

When:  Oct 13, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET)

The District XIX Leadership Conference will be held on October 13th in Syracuse, NY.  Carmody will be our host chapter. 

The particulars of the 2018 District XIX Leadership Conference are as follows:

When: Saturday, October 13th, 9:30 am – 3pm

Where: Syracuse Law School, Room 342 (Parking map to follow)

What to bring: Chapter banner, notepad and pen, presentation assignment (to be assigned by September 28th), Chapter Binder/Folder if you have one

Dress: Business casual (Read this as more business, less casual)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Attendance Mandatory?

For chapter officer, yes.  Please remember that you took an oath of office.  No profession requires someone to take such oaths and statements more seriously than the one to which you aspire, despite the unfortunate attorneys who act differently.  At times, your word will be the only asset you have in this profession.  The fact that you can be taken at your word will save your bacon and make the difference more times than you can imagine.  This is our obligation as officers to attend and participate in this once per year conference.  We’ve all done it, despite exams, moot court, jobs, interviews, etc...  You can do it too. 

What about travel expenses?  Will we be reimbursed?

Yes.  However, although the District does not have deep pockets.  I am able to reimburse tolls & gas for up to 2 vehicles from each chapter for travel expenses if you bring receipts unless you have made prior arrangements with me.  A light breakfast will be provided.  Themis Bar Review is providing lunch for all attendees.  Rest assured you won’t be footing the bill yourself entirely for travel to and from the conference.

Why should I look forward to this?

Good question.  This is a great opportunity to meet people who are from other chapters.  This way you can discuss ideas, problems, and solutions in a group format, and get a great deal of information in a short time. 

However, more importantly, you may end up practicing in this region.  This will give you the opportunity to meet individuals who you may need to know, or who may be able to help you, now or in the future. 

This conference is several weeks away, what do you need from me right now?

Confirmation that you received this email & that you will confirm your attendance at District Conference no later than Wednesday, September 26, 2018 so that I can make appropriate arrangements for food.  If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please let me know that too.

You will hear me speak about “life-lessons” at the District Conference.  Many of them are mentioned in this email and this is another - Please be sure to send me your response timely!!  You will be required to do this daily throughout your law career -- start now!


I am sure, despite the mandatory business of the fraternity and all that this requires, that you will find this to be a beneficial experience.  I look forward to meeting all of you in October.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or our Assistant District Justice, Megan Hartl (megan.r.hartl@gmail.com or 315-955-3153) if you have any questions at all, or any specific chapter concerns.  My job is to help you do your jobs as well as possible.  I am a resource for you.  Don’t frustrate yourself by trying to reinvent the wheel.  Someone in the organization has likely seen the problem you are trying to solve, or something similar, and I can cut down the time it takes to solve your problems considerably. 


Amy Polowy

District XIX Justice

716-863-3324 (cell)

716-204-1710 (office)


Syracuse Law School
950 Irving Ave
Room 342
Syracuse, NY 13244


Amy Polowy