Q. What is the Phi Alpha Delta Founders' Day of Giving?
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was founded on November 8, 1902.  The is a special day for P.A.D. brothers and sisters, friends, partners, and sponsors to come together and give back to make an impact for the student, the school, the legal profession, and the community. 

Q. Who do I contact with questions?
P.A.D.’s Director of Communications, Cory Freeman is the main point of contact for the Founders' Day of Giving.
Emailfoundation@pad.org or cory@pad.orgPhone: (410) 347-3118

Q. How do I make a gift?
You can make a gift to the Phi Alpha Delta International Foundation at any time on www.pad.org/about/padinternationalfoundation. On the day of giving,you can click here to make your contribution online. You can also make a gift by phone by calling (410) 347-3118.

Q. What about matching gifts?
We absolutely accept matching gifts! Check with your company's human resource department for their requirements. Email foundation@pad.org to let us know that your gift will be matched.

Q. What is the minimum gift amount?
There is no minimum! Gifts of all sizes will help make a difference. The suggested amount is $19.02 in honor of P.A.D.'s founding year.

Q. Can I send a gift by mail?
We’re happy to receive a gift by mail. But only gifts made prior-to or on November 8 will count towards the Founders' Day of Giving.

Q. Will my gift be tax-deductible?
Yes, all gifts to the Phi Alpha Delta International Foundation are tax-deductible. Though, it is always a good idea to consult your tax advisor. All contributors will receive an email receipt of payment. 


Q. What other ways can I support the Founder's Day of Giving?
Help us spread the word! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and show your support by using the hashtag #PAD1902.

Q. I’m a student, how can I get involved?
P.A.D. Pre-Law and Law Chapters are encouraged to fundraise leading up to November 8, with all funds being donated to the Phi Alpha Delta International Foundation prior-to or on November 8. Chapters that contribute $500 or more will be honored by having a scholarship/grant named after their chapter. We will work with the chapter officers to customize their giving. 

Students are also encouraged to contribute individually by donating the suggested $19.02 by clicking here. Each donor will receive the inaugural P.A.D. Founders' Day of Giving pin.

Q. Can I make a recurring gift?
Yes! Your ongoing support will have a lasting impact on students.

Q. I already made a gift to the P.A.D. International Foundation this year, what else can I do?
Thank you for your previous gift! We’d love it if you’d consider making another gift in support of the Founders' Day of Giving. The collective power of many gifts, no matter the size, will make a difference for current and future brothers and sisters. Another way to get involved is to help us spread the word! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and show your support by using the hashtag #PAD1902.