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Many members contributing to The Foundation have asked P.A.D. to set up a recurring monthly option. We are now able to customize any gift.

You can customize your gift to fit your budget. Make a pledge for $500? You can break it up into any increments you'd like. Do you want to make a monthly gift to The Foundation for many years? You can do that too.

Make a contribution today, and see the convenient options for your charitable giving.

Want to support P.A.D. but not sure how? Help us raise funds by contributing items, services, and gift cards to the Convention Silent Auction!

These items help raise funds for the P.A.D. International Foundation. 

Previously donated items included cigars, P.A.D./law related memorabilia, signed NFL items, sports/concert tickets, gift cards, gift baskets, jewelry, and more. 

Contact The Foundation at foundation@pad.org, or by calling (410) 347-3118 for more information.

We miss our brothers and sisters who have passed, and will continue to honor their legacies and wishes to support the Phi Alpha Delta motto, “Service to the student, the school, the profession and the community.”

If you are interested in contributing to the  International Foundation, there are several giving opportunities available including planned giving, major gifts, and additional grants/ scholarships.

Contact The Foundation at foundation@pad.org, or by calling (410) 347-3118 for more information.


Many of the Phi Alpha Delta International Foundation's grants and scholarships currently fund the attendance of brothers and sisters to P.A.D.'s Biennial Convention. Click here for more information about Convention.

Various general service and merit scholarships are also available. All current grants & scholarships are listed below.


Click here for detailed Convention grant information and to apply.

A.J. Villmer Grant Current P.A.D. Law Chapter Students P.A.D. Convention attendance
Allan Jay Atlas Grant Current Rasco Chapter Law Students P.A.D. Convention Attendance
Brigadier General Hill Grant P.A.D. members who are, or were, in the armed forces P.A.D. Convention Attendance
C. Raymond Judice Grant Current Houston Chapter Law Students P.A.D. Convention Attendance
David A. Benamy Grant Recent P.A.D. Law Chapter Alumni Members P.A.D. Convention Attendance
Frederick J. Weitkamp Memorial Fund P.A.D. Biennial Conventions P.A.D. Convention Support
Jack Miller Grant P.A.D. Law Chapter Students from District VII  P.A.D. Convention Attendance
Christopher Byrd Memorial Scholarship Current P.A.D. Law Chapter Students that demonstrate a commitment to public interest law, with an emphasis on environmental protection. General Law Student Education Scholarship
Service Scholarship Current P.A.D. Law Chapter Students who exhibit service to the student, the school, the profession, and the community. $500 Scholarships to Fund Law Student to attend the P.A.D. Convention.




Inspiration Fund  Law school chapters, alumni chapters and district leadership To fund innovative and inspirational regional and local
membership events.
Click here to apply
Milgraum Family Service Grant P.A.D. Members who are first responders and/or members impacted by first responders The recipient is encouraged, but not obligated, to give the monies to an individual, or individual(s), of the recipient’s choosing who they believe would best benefit from
receiving the funds.
Click here to apply
Order of the Armadillo In memory of Frank McCown's years of service, this was the Foundation's first ever permanent fund.
Pre-Law Scholarship Fund Current P.A.D. Pre-Law Members & Chapters P.A.D. Leadership Events
 Puerto Rico - Chapter Fund To benefit those chapters affected by Hurricane Maria. P.A.D. Chapters in Puerto Rico
Rick Pearson Memorial Scholarship A fund in memory of our brother Rick Pearson to honor P.A.D.'s mission.



Donations to Date

Total Grant/Scholarship Recipients

Total Number of Donors

$193,650 118 475



Chair: Thomas Bentz
Vice Chair: Jason Haber
Secretary: Allison Janowitz

Treasurer: Alexander Francuzenko
Trustee: Frank Roth
Trustee: John Peter Curielli

Trustee: Abe Kasbo

The P.A.D. Foundation
Office: 410-347-3118 


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 P.A.D.'s District XXIII funded the Electronic Voting System used for international voting during P.A.D.'s Convention. Nationwide will be matching 32 Convention Grants that will fund 2018 P.A.D. Convention attendance of 32 P.A.D. brothers & sisters.

Need to contact us?
Office: 410-347-3118