Kindness Cards


Help spread Phi Alpha Delta fraternalism, mental health awareness, and support by joining the inaugural
national P.A.D. Kindness Card Exchange this May, 2019 in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month.


Introducing "Kindness Cards." 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many adults, particularly those in demanding professions like ours, struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges. Through the P.A.D. Health Initiative, we are taking steps to promote positivity throughout the Fraternity. Bringing a little bit of joy to each other is a way to inspire each other and let each other know that we're not alone. 

Feel free to put as much time and personalization into the card as you'd like. The most important part is writing some kind and encouraging words inside to uplift and inspire. These days, we do not receive enough random positivity - especially in the mail. We are sending positive and life-giving words around the country simply to send the message of the precious importance that every person holds. And anyway, who doesn't LOVE receiving mail that is not a bill?***

Each participant will send out brief notes to 3-5 people distributed randomly throughout the country.

Have questions? Contact Director of Communications, Cory Freeman at


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Complete the form to join the exchange for free.

You must join by 11:59 pm EST on
April 30, 2019 to participate.

You will receive a list of approximately 3-5 P.A.D. brothers & sisters for you to mail cards to
by May 15, 2019.

Mail cards to all recipients on your list.

All cards should be mailed by
May 15, 2019.


All national P.A.D. pre-law, law, and alumni members are eligible to participate.

*** We want to thank P.A.D. APUS Pre-Law Chapter Sister Rhi Brown for sharing this initiative with Phi Alpha Delta, on behalf of her work with Active Minds at her university. Active Minds is a nonprofit organization impacting college students and mental health.
Now on more than 600 campuses, they directly reach close to 600,000 students each year through campus awareness campaigns, events, advocacy, outreach, and more.

For more information about Sister Rhi's work with Active Minds and their Cards of Kindness initiative, please email

We also thank Brother Jesse Bulluck for his work on P.A.D.'s Mental Health Awareness Month, Sister Jacque Justice for work on various national, fraternalism based initiatives, and Brother Matt Bakke for housing this program under the P.A.D. Health Initiative.