International Leadership



The International Executive Board meets via conference call monthly.
Click here to download minutes of those meetings. Click here to download a copy of the 2015 990s, and click here for the 2014 990s. Click here to download a copy of our current strategic plan.


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Jason M. Ross
International Justice

Paterson Chapter, NJ Statewide Alumni Chapter
John Miquel
International Vice Justice

Mentschikoff Chaper, Rocky Mountain Alumni Chapter
Berton (B.J.) Maley
International Secretary

Webster Chapter, West Suburban Alumni Chapter
Daniel McDowell
International Treasurer

Watson Chapter
Nicole Grida
International Marshal

Sanford Chapter

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Nicholas Lee
International Board Member

Sanford Chapter, Knoxville Alumni Chapter
John Karasek
International Board Member

Redding Alumni Chapter
Nicole Winget
International Board Member

Willis Chapter, Triangle Area Alumni Chapter
Michelle Isherwood
International Board Member
Humphrey Chapter, San Francisco Alumni Chapter
Kathleen 'Kitty' Maloney
International Advisory Board Chair
Kennedy Chapter, Redding Alumni Chapter



The International Executive Board (IEB) is a group of volunteer members who are elected to serve as the Fraternity’s “board of directors." The legislative and executive power of the Fraternity is vested in the IEB. The members of the IEB are elected by majority vote of the seated delegates present and voting at each International Convention. International officers hold office for two years or until successor officer is elected and installed in office. The IEB is composed of five named board members – International Justice, International Vice-Justice, International Clerk, International Treasurer, and International Marshal – and four International Board Members-at-Large.

At P.A.D.’s first Convention, after the dissolution of Lambda Epsilon (the Fraternity’s predecessor), formal constitutional amendments were adopted and the first Fraternity officers were voted into office. These original officers, named the National Council, were: William C. Healion, Chief Justice; Paul C. Meier, Vice Chief Justice; Hugo L. Pitts, Recorder; Robert E. O’Brien, National Financial Secretary; and August H. Schroth, National Treasurer. Through the years, various Conventions have seen changes to the titles of duties, and even amount of international officers, but the main purpose has remained the same: to lead and expand the Fraternity. We have seen the election of many venerable and honorable fraternity leaders over the Fraternity’s history and look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come.


Kathleen Maloney
International Advisory Board Chair
Kennedy Chapter, Redding Alumni Chapter

Stephen T. King
Wythe Chapter

Ronald J. Winter
Alden Chapter, Buffalo Alumni Chapter

Rhonda Hill
Cole Chapter
John F. Weitkamp
Ford Chapter
J. Derek Hill
Hull Chapter
Curtis M. Anderson
Ross Chapter, Redding Alumni Chapter
Shelley A. Weinstein
McCormick Chapter
Joseph A. Deems
Sammis Chapter
Clifford Schechter
Wormser Chapter
Norman M. Owen
Beaumont Chapter
Homer S. Taft
Hay Chapter
Larry L. Crigler
Hoffman Chapter
Charles H. Taylor
Timberlake Chapter
Steve Clark
Garland Chapter
Amelia T. Del Vecchio
Phi Delta Delta Alumna


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    Arnold Hirsch
    Chief Tribune
    Coke Chapter
    Ronald J. Winter
    Associate Tribune

    Alden Chapter, Niagara Frontier & Buffalo Alumni Chapters
    Hon. Kimberly Gallant
    Associate Tribune

    Russell Chapter, Atlanta Alumni Chapter


    The Board of Tribunes was created during Phi Alpha Delta's ninth Convention, one of the most substantial changes ever adopted, established to decide cases and controversies within the fraternity. Only six years after the Articles of South Haven, in 1908, the first Tribunes were elected (Click here for a complete listing of all Tribunes).

    In 1964, the name of the Board of Tribunes was changed to Supreme Tribunal, and in 1969 it was again changed to its current name, the International Tribunal. The Tribunal consists of a Chief Tribune and two Associate Tribunes.

    Over the years, the Tribunal has issued Advisory Opinions at the request of the International Executive Board in the areas of membership and expulsion. It has also issued decisions in cases and controversies regarding honorary initiations, Convention credentials and the Alumni Chapter Tax. In 1976, work began on a digest of Tribunal opinions. In 2012, the Tribunal updated the digest and created an online index of opinions and decisions. The Tribunal also adopted a Canon of Ethics at its meeting in August 2009.

    Article 5, Section 5.5 of the Fraternity's Policy Manual is now the authority for the Tribunal's rule-making. From time to time, the International Tribunal has issued and/or revised these rules. The following rules were adopted by the International Tribunal at its meeting held in San Antonio, TX on August 1, 1987, as revised by the 2014-16 Tribunal.

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