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Meeting Minutes Oct. 9th

Phi Alpha Delta Meeting October 9 th In Attendance: Jess, Laura, Marissa, Lauren Jaeb, Mike, Kelly Agenda Finance: -dues/balance report -bake sale Monday -Breast Cancer Awareness Bake Sale-pink cookies, proceeds go to American Cancer Society Professional/Academic -Linked...

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Meeting Minutes September 25

Tonight's Agenda: 9/25 Ice Breaker Initiation Chart Bake Sale Recap and Planning Conference? Community Service Prof Events Halloween Event December 6 Santa in the morning for 2 hours volunteers at a church Thursday October 2: LinkedIn or career service come in to talk...

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September 15th Meeting Minutes

Review of last meeting: Made 43.66 at bake sale! Good job everyone! Next bake sale will be in October and we will be making “dirt” using pudding and oreos. Matters for meeting: Initiation is Thursday at 8pm in Specter Center living room followed by us going out to the bowling alley Dress...

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International Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 2014 - 2016 Biennium

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