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The Benefit of LSAT Prep Companies in Social Media

Are you prepping for the LSAT? Is...follow these LSAT Prep companies in social.../kaplan-lsat-prep Blueprint Test

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No More LSAT? Maybe, but with some significant qualifiers.

had not taken the LSAT I wondered which...the LSAT. The LSAT has been such an...the LSAT and found that "they were no...entering class's median LSAT score. It was

2017 LSAT

 06-12-2017 | 12:30 ET - 23:59 ET

LSAT Administration

SEPTEMBER 2016 LSAT: UNITED STATES...LSAT because they needed time to consider...the LSAT : How can I register for the test...? Test Centers : Where can I take the LSAT

 09-24-2016 | 08:30 ET - 17:00 ET

LSAT Administration

DECEMBER 2016 LSAT: UNITED STATES...December 2016 LSAT scores will not be...available until after February 2017 LSAT...disclosed . The November 19 Spanish LSAT

 12-03-2016 | 08:30 ET - 17:00 ET

LSAT Late Registration Deadline

Published test centers only. Additional fees apply.

 05-03-2017 | 00:00 ET - 23:59 ET