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Ceremony described in the Book of the Ritual in which candidates for membership become members of the Fraternity.

District 23 SCOTUS Initiation

successful Initiation at the Supreme Court of the

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Reminders About Spring Initiations

Initiation fee. Remember, the Pre-Law Initiation...get the Initiation materials sent to you..."Initiation materials?" you ask. "Those sound...out at the Initiation ceremony, which is

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Pre-Law Initiation Fee Payment Plan

international initiation fee is available for the...half the Initiation Fee now ($63.75) on the

PP_Payment Plan FormUpdate.pdf

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Tips For A Successful Initiation Ceremony

application/Initiation process. I also sent an...response. Since Initiations are going to start...Initiation Ceremony. Holding a formal...Initiation for new members is a time honored

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US Supreme Court Initiation Rescheduled- April 1, 2016

Initiation at the U.S. Supreme Court.Join P.A.D

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Applications, Initiations, and Membership for the New Semester.

Initiation fee is one hundred dollars, and the...Law Initiation fee is eighty-five dollars...and the Initiation date. If you are unsure...of your Initiation date just leave it

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