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Why I Joined PAD

aspect, and how our chapter was in the...asking me what the flower was for as I walked...night, it seems like a long time ago. I do

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Visiting District X This Weekend!

I am starting to get excited about this...weekend as I will be visiting District X for...who don't know, although I have lived and

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More important than why I joined PAD ….

At the first District conference I...District Conference, I saw many familiar faces...question. Instead, I asked the students what

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Job Seeker's Journal: Why I don't trust Career Services

their jobs. When I asked how many people...graduated in 2012, I was told that this chart...I went to a meeting run by my law...purpose was to learn how to rework your cover

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How I Compare Campus Ambassador Positions Open

Person at How I Compare to use in your Law...become How I Compare Campus Ambassadors...Members automatically receive a free How I

How Hackers Attack and What You Can Do To Protect Your Practice or Business

PfiesterHow Hackers Attack and What You Can Do To...started out in IT doing contract work that...corporations. I then worked for Lockheed Martin as...desktop support team lead for 2 years where I

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Convention - What Not To Do

to do at Convention! Between workshops...hundreds of us!), there will be other guests in...alcohol policies in place that we must observe...The main one I want to remind you of is

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are supervised by District Justices. The...borders of Districts are established by the...the number of law schools in each...geographical area and may range in size from

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How I Compare Guest Speaker Invite & Ambassador Program

Have How I Compare speak at your next