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fundraise (first of the year)! Once again a

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Fundraising Spotlight

fundraising tips and ideas. Take a look and start...planning your next fundraising event! http...Fundraising - From Bake Sales to Donation...strategies to enhance your fundraising efforts

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P.A.D. Fundraising Guide

activities, fundraising is an important part of...fundraising events and printable worksheets to use...tons of fundraising resources available...programming, fundraising is ultimately about what


Fundraising Spotlight Announcement

have a successful fundraising year. These...suggestions will help students improve fundraising

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Fundraising Tip for the Day

confident saying that fundraising is one of the...fundraising opportunities throughout the year

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PAD Fundraising Guide - Now Available!

PAD has published its first fundraising

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Sample Budget Proposal and Funding Letter

should be fundraising now so that your


New Purple & Gold Bulletin: Spring 2015 Updates, LSAC News, & More

Grad Regalia, Events, & Fundraising. If