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Tips For A Successful Initiation Ceremony

Initiation Ceremony. Holding a formal...incredible bond is the formal Initiation. Of...for your Initiation ceremony. It is the

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Ceremony described in the Book of the

Langston Chapter Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2017 Initiation. Please RSVP...Initiation and Reception Date: Sunday...and Initiation will start promptly at 2:30

 03-26-2017 | 00:00 ET - 03:00 ET
 Washington, DC

Janet Reno Chapter Chartering Ceremony

formal chartering and initiation ceremony...! The ceremony will take place Friday, May

 05-26-2017 | 19:00 ET - 21:00 ET
 Riverview, FL

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Reminders About Spring Initiations

out at the Initiation ceremony, which is...Initiation fee. Remember, the Pre-Law Initiation...get the Initiation materials sent to you..."Initiation materials?" you ask. "Those sound

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Charter Ceremony Clark Atlanta University

the formal chartering ceremony and would...officiate the ceremony. It is tentatively...University. The ceremony will take place in the...and/or officiating the ceremony or want

 11-28-2016 | 18:00 ET - 20:00 ET

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Pre-Law Chapter Rituals Script

follow during formal ceremonies including...charter, and reactivation. Initiation ceremony...initiation of new members, elections

CORY FINAL Edit PreLaw Rituals_EAB.pdf

District 23 Law Chapter Fall Initiation at the Supreme Court

district-wide initiation at the Supreme Court...start of the ceremony, at 5:30. The RSVP

 10-24-2017 | 17:00 ET - 19:00 ET
 Washington, D.C.

US Supreme Court Initiation Rescheduled- April 1, 2016

Initiation at the U.S. Supreme Court.Join P.A.D...ceremony is at 6:00, Upper Great Hall, and