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Recurring Contributions to the P.A.D. International Foundation

can do that too. Make a contribution

Scholarship Funds through the Foundation

charitable contribution. If you are interested in...contribution to the P.A.D. International Foundation

Happy Work-Aversary, Cory!

for the amazing contributions you have

Hon. Ruth V. McGregor (Black) to be presented the P.A.D. Barbara Jordan Award

contributions to the “rule of law” and their...contributions to the judicial system, in keeping

Alumni Dues 2017

your alumni dues or make a contribution to

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AJ Villmer Grant #26

Grants. We have contributions from Brother...additional contributions to reach the matching...Any additional contributions will be added...member to our 2016 Convention? Contributions

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The Reporter, Wellness, and Unwellness

included a contribution from yours truly...contribution deadline hit) was Wellness month, I...month and my contribution to the Wellness

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P.A.D. Convention Excitement

These contributions go directly to the PAD

The John J. McAulay Legal Educator Award

their contribution to legal education based