2015-2016 Pre-Law Award Winners

Phi Alpha Delta Chapters and Officers are recognized annually for their outstanding fraternity achievements and performance, and for the impact they make locally and nationally. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015-2016 Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Awards! 


Individual & Chapter Awards 

The Don Hutson Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter Award

1st Place: University of Florida
2nd Place: University of Central Florida
3rd Place: University of Arizona

The John F. Weitkamp Outstanding New Pre-Law Chapter Award 

Cleveland State University

The Dr. Charles J. Fleener Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter Faculty Advisor 

Gina Huffman, Cleveland State University

The Frank J. McCown Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter President 

Sergio Molina, Florida International University

The Fredrick J. Weitkamp Outstanding Pre-Law Chapter Secretary 

Tinecia Francis, University of Mississippi

Top Recruitment Award

1st Place: University of Central Florida – 141 initiates
2nd Place: University of Florida – 114 initiates
3rd Place: University of Colorado-Boulder – 109 initiates

The Outstanding Pre-Law Recruitment Program Award

 University of Central Florida – Annual Law Forum

The Outstanding Pre-Law  Professional Program Award

University at Buffalo – NY State P.A.D. Pre-Law Conference

The Outstanding Pre-Law Community Service Program Award

Indiana University-Bloomington – P.A.D. Benefit Gala

The Outstanding Pre-Law Communication Program Award

University of Central Florida

Mock Trial Competition Winners

1st ​Place​: University of Florida B
2nd ​Place: University of Central Florida A
3rd​ Place: Florida International University
4th​​Place: University of Florida A


Individual Awards

Outstanding Prosecution
University of Central Florida, ​Team A

Outstanding Defense
University of Florida

Outstanding Witness
Dennis Fiore, University of Florida B

Outstanding Advocate
Kelsa Kuchera, University of Florida B