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Pre-Law Chapter Resources

List of Pre-Law Chapters

Lists all Pre-Law Chapters by District - Includes links to their websites and social media

P.A.D. Online Store 

- Purchase P.A.D. merchandise (T-shirts, Banner, Acrylic Seal, Graduation Cords, etc.)
- Pay for your international initiation fee
- Pay for national P.A.D. event registration fees


Important Forms (Applications for Membership, Insurance, Interest Sheet, Roll of Chapter)
Manuals (Chapter Operations, Rituals, Bylaws)
- Policies (Alcohol, Anti hazing, Open Membership, Financial, Social Networking, Whistle Blower)
- Awards Applications (Due by the first Monday in June (June 6, 2016, June 5, 2017))
- Resources (Personal Statement, Webinars, Programming Ideas)

2016 P.A.D. Pre-Law Conference, Mock Trial Competition, and Law School Expo

October 26-30 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA

Event Page


More details TBA soon!


Last year's conference:

Event Page

 Law Expo Attendees and Sponsors

Award Winners

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Join the following communities to be more involved with Phi Alpha Delta. These can be used to communicate with other P.A.D. members, post discussions, share documents, and gain advice. 


Pre-Law Members


Pre-Law Officers


Open Forum -Connect with all P.A.D.'s pre-law, law students, and alumni.


Practice Areas


LSAT Preparation


Job Postings


Internship Opportunities


- Update your officers
- View your membership roster
- If you would like a list of students who have joined since your last initiation (or membership certificates & pins) contact our Director of Membership.
Student member: Individuals that have submitted an application, payment and initiation date. No further action is needed for membership.
Pending member:  Individuals who have submitted an application and payment but the Executive Office does not have an initiation date. 
Pending payment: Individuals that have submitted applications but have not paid. T

- Recruitment boxes are sent in August and January. Email if you need additional materials 

- If you would like to have a Virtual Chapter Visit please fill out the request form.
- If you would prefer to schedule a conference call please contact Pre-Law Operations Assistant

Membership Transition

- Fill out the Transfer form to affiliate with another undergraduate school.

- Fill out the Senior Transition form so we can help you connect with the P.A.D. Law School Chapter!

Charter or Reactivate a Pre-Law Chapter

  • Are you interested in joining P.A.D. Pre-Law, but you don't have a Chapter at your school? 

Fill out this form and we will contact you soon!
Procedure for Establishing a Pre-Law Chapter

  • Do you see you Chapter listed but it’s not active? 

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Pre-Law Chapter Reactivation Manual

2015 P.A.D. Leadership Summit
2015 P.A.D. Leadership Summit