2017 Law & Alumni Award Winners


Phi Alpha Delta Chapters and Officers are recognized annually for their outstanding fraternity achievements and performance, and for the impact they make locally and nationally. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Phi Alpha Delta Law & Alumni individual and chapter Awards!

The Stan Jones Outstanding District Justice Award

1st: Jason Haber, District XXXII

Finalists: Peter Scimeca, Kevin Mechtley, Allison Janowitz, Nicole Grida


Outstanding District

1st            District I

Finalists: District VII, VIII, XXVI, XXXII


Most Improved District

1st            District III

Finalists: District V, District XX


The Stanley H. Kohn Outstanding Law Chapter Award

1st         Myra Bradwell Chapter

2nd        Edward Sanford Chapter

3rd        John L. Sullivan Chapter


The Most Improved Law Chapter Award

1st         Ralph O. Dunbar Chapter

2nd        Samuel J.Tilden Chapter

3rd         Eunice Kennedy Shriver Chapter


The Alex Hotchkiss Outstanding Law School Chapter Justice Award

1st         Ronald Coleman, Edward Sanford Chapter

2nd        Jessica Diaz, Myra Bradwell Chapter

3rd         Dakkota Huber, Thomas Benton Chapter


The Paul Meier Outstanding Vice Justice Award

1st         Maurice “Reece” Riden, Donald L. Hollowell Chapter

2nd        Matthew McClanahan, Edward Sanford Chapter

3rd         Timothy “T.J” Cloud, William Penn Chapter


The Frank E. Gray Outstanding Clerk Award

1st         Sarah Tomlinson, John L. Sullivan Chapter

2nd        Holly Sanchez Perry, Joseph Story Chapter

3rd        Katerina Pringis, Myra Bradwell Chapter


The Dalphine MacMillan Outstanding Treasurer Award

1st         Luke "Cash" Browning, John L. Sullivan Chapter

2nd        Erika Butler, Charles A. Halleck Chapter

3rd        Peder Teigen, Harry S. Truman Chapter


The Jack Miller Outstanding Marshal Award

1st         Thomas McVey, Joseph Story Chapter

2nd        Jessica Hart, Cordell Hull Chapter

3rd         Jeff McElwee, William Penn Chapter


The Outstanding Academic Program Award

1st        “Mock Exams”, John Mercer Langston Chapter

2nd        “How To Handle Florida Bar Grievances”, William Terrell Chapter

3rd        “Animal Rescue and Adoption Panel”, Myra Bradwell Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Networking Program Award

1st         “Founders Dinner”, Edward Coke Chapter

2nd        “Community Golf Outing”, William Penn Chapter

3rd        “Speed Networking”, Joseph Story Chapter


The Outstanding Community Service Program Award

1st         “Move for Justice”, Guy C. Corliss Chapter

2nd        “Blanket Party”, John L. Sullivan Chapter

3rd        “Spring Cleaning for a Cause”, Arthur Middleton Chapter


The Outstanding Professional Program Award

1st         “Phi Alpha Delta Etiquette Dinner”, William Penn Chapter

2nd        “Prosecutor’s Panel”, Thomas Benton Chapter

3rd        “SB 80 versus the First Amendment”, William Terrell Chapter


The Outstanding Social Program Award

1st         “P.A.D. Election Night Watch Party”, Myra Bradwell Chapter

2nd        “Blue and White Tailgate for Penn State Football”, William Penn Chapter

3rd        “Whiskey Wednesday Fundraiser”, Duncan U. Fletcher Chapter


In recognition of achieving Meet or Beat:

Donald L Hollowell Chapter , 89 new member (old record: 68)
Adolph Homburger Chapter, 55 new members (old record: 53)

Initiated Over 100 Members: Myra Bradwell Chapter, 112 members

Top Recruitment Among Law Chapters: Myra Bradwell Chapter, 112 members

Greatest P.A.D. Member/Student Body Ratio: Alfred Benson Chapter (34%)

The Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award

1st         Knoxville Alumni Chapter

2nd        Chicago Alumni Chapter


The Most Improved Alumni Chapter Award

1st         Brooklyn Alumni Chapter

2nd        Arizona Statewide Alumni Chapter

3rd        Niagara Frontier Alumni Chapter


The George Fink Outstanding Alumni Chapter Justice Award

1st         Matthew Bakke, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

2nd        Sarah Atkinson, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

3rd        Jenafer Davidson, Dallas Alumni Chapter


The Charles Henderson Outstanding Alumni Chapter Vice Justice Award

1st         Rebecca Bryan, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

2nd        Amanda Englestad, Tisdale Alumni Chapter

3rd        Genevieve Niemann, Chicago Alumni Chapter


The William “Robbie” Robertson Outstanding Alumni Chapter Clerk Award

1st         Catherine Stockslager, Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd        Andrea Warda, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter


The Rex G. Hardy Outstanding Alumni Chapter Treasurer Award

1st         Jim Nowak, Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd        Eric Lutrell, Knoxville Alumni Chapter

3rd         Matthew McCarthy, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter


The Enid William Ross Outstanding Alumni Chapter Marshal Award

1st         David Holt, Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

2nd        Holly Christian, Chicago Alumni Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Community Service Program Award

1st         “March of Dimes March for Babies Annual Walk”
              Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd        “Furr Bowl”
              Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

3rd        “Winter Clothing Drive”,
             Robert E. Redding Alumni Chapter


The Outstanding Alumni Professional Program Award

1st         “I Just Failed the Bar, Now What?”,
              Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

2nd        “Daniel P. Ward Scholarship Dinner”
              Chicago Alumni Chapter

3rd        “St. PADdy’s Day Luncheon”
             Chicago Alumni Chapter

The Outstanding Alumni Social  Program Award

1st         “Bubbly for Babies”
              Chicago Alumni Chapter

2nd        “Halloween Party”
              Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter

3rd        “Autumnal Extravaganza”
             Robert E. Redding Alumni Chapter


Merit Award Recipients:

Adams Chapter

Benson Chapter

Bradwell Chapter

Brewer Chapter

Clark Chapter

Corliss Chapter

Fletcher Chapter

Franklin Chapter

Halleck Chapter

Harlan Chapter

Hoffman Chapter

Hollowell Chapter

Hooper Chapter

Hull Chapter

Humphrey Chapter

Sullivan Chapter

LaFollette Chapter

Lawson Chapter

MacLean Chapter

Magruder Chapter

McCormick Chapter

McKellar Chapter

Pepper Chapter

Rayburn Chapter

Russell Chapter

Sanford Chapter

Stephen Douglas Chapter

Staples Chapter

Story Chapter

Terrell Chapter

Truman Chapter

Wahl Chapter

Watkins Chapter

Watson Chapter

Williams Chapter

Wythe Chapter

Boston Alumni Chapter Chicago Alumni Chapter Knoxville Alumni Chapter Minnesota Statewide Alumni Chapter


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All applications must be submitted via email to Director of Law & Alumni Operations, Emily Baranoski at emily@pad.org by the first Monday in June each year. 

Applications are reviewed and processed by the International Executive Office and International Executive Board and are announced annually each summer.