P.A.D. Advisory Councils

Law Advisory Council (LAC)

  • New LAC members TBA







Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)

Every Biennium, the International Justice appoints an Alumni Advisory Council to explore alumni-related issues and make recommendations regarding programs and goals to ensure the continued involvement of members after graduation from law school.

Pre-Law Advisory Council (PLAC)

The Pre-Law Advisory Council's (PLAC) purpose is to advise the International Justice and the International Executive Board on traditions, ideals, policies and practices of the Fraternity and how they relate to the pre-law program and it's members. The PLAC is made up of a chairperson, a faculty advisor member, a student member, an International Executive Board Liaison, and other P.A.D.s that the International Justice appoints to this Council.
  • New PLAC members TBA.


International Relations Advisory Council (IRAC)

The International Relations Advisory Council (IRAC) was created at the 2012 Biennial Convention to explore and encourage further international expansion of the Fraternity.